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Our mission is to share our passion for the sea and the land, culture and food of Sicily. We can offer you an incredible vacation with our team.
During our sailing tours our skippers will sail with you along the Catania coast. You will be able to dive into the blue of the Ionian sea waters.
The Natural Reserves will let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes at depth ranging from 23 to 98 feet – approx. 7 to 30 meters.
We will lead you through the wonders of the old town of Palermo, its products, colors and food: sfincione, panelle, crocché, arancine, caponata, cannoli and meusa. 
Our Mondello apartment is located in Palermo. It offers a private beach area and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. The apartment has a fully functional kitchen and can host up to 4 people.
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