Street Food Tour

We will offer you a walk through the wonders of the old town of Palermo and the delights of the street food. You will see places, products, colors and characters from a long time past.

Walking downtown Palermo is like visiting an open-air museum, where you can find different epoc of architectural styles, churches, buildings from the Norman, Byzantine and Liberty period that tell stories of kings and queens, of ancient kingdoms and dominions.

During the 3 hours walking along the old Cassaro (Corso Vittorio Emanuele), you will appreciate the authentic art treasures and beautiful monuments of Palermo. You will browse through the street markets, a true mix of culture, customs and food tradition. For example the Capo, the most popular, and the Vucciria, the oldest markets in Palermo.

The richness of the artistic treasures of Palermo joins the gastronomy and street food. The walk will be an opportunity to taste some specialties of Palermo: the decisive flavors of the street food of Palermo, the “sfincione” (dough topped with onion, cheese, bread crumbs, tomato and oregano), the “panelle” (fried chickpea flour), the “crocché” (potatos crochettes), the “arancine” stuffed with meat or butter (rice croquettes stuffed), the “caponata” (sweet-and-sour dish made of fried aubergines, capers, olives, onions and celery) and the “cannoli” (crunchy shell with swetcheese). You can add the the “meusa” (bovine spleen – only for walk with big tasting) paying €5,00 more.

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Sfincioni making in Palermo.

I capricci di Palermo !!! Solo presso la sfincioneria Unici in città 🙂

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